Non NHS Fees

Services to Overseas Visitors (Non– emergencies)*
Consultation up to 15 minutes£33.00
15-30 minutes£66.00
Day time Visit£70.00
Night visit (10pm– 7am)£110.00
Private prescription (per item). The actual cost of drugs will be payable to the chemist£15.00
*You should be able to claim all these amounts on your travel insurance
Private sick note£15.00
Short letter/private note with explanation£20.00
Letter re missed exams or illness affecting course work£20.00
Passport form and photograph - We do not countersign British passport forms. You may have a friend or colleague who will do this for free. Click here for a list of suitable people.
Driving Licence signature£24.00
Endorsement of photograph (up to 2)£20.00
Vaccination certificate£12.00
Fitness to travel report with/without examination£66.00/£33.00
Freedom from Infection certificate (plus any laboratory fee)£15.00
Private prescription (per item). The actual cost of drugs will be payable to the chemist.£15.00
Completion of OFSTED childminder’s form£75.00
Medical reports/examinations
Vaccination CertificatesInsurance claim form£20.00 for first page, £15.00 for each additional page.
Private medical report with/without examination (paid in advance). £99.00/£66.00
Driving Medical e,g HGV. Please ring reception to book this medical.£99.00 if not registered with us £75.00 if registered
Rabies, Tick Bourne/Japanese EncephalitisPrice on application
Access to records
To view your own medical notes or read a report paid for by a third party£10.00