Measuring Your Blood Pressure

Why have I been asked to measure my blood pressure?

Well controlled blood pressure is an essential part of staying healthy and helps to reduce the risks of conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

If you are taking certain medications, recording your blood pressure is needed either to ensure that it is still safe for you to take those medications or to see if they are doing their job correctly. 

How do I measure my blood pressure?

The average of home blood pressure readings taken over 5-7 days is thought to be the most accurate way of measuring blood pressure, which is why we ask our patients to carry out readings at home and inform the practice of the results. 

The British Hypertension Society has a number of excellent resources to help you measure and record your blood pressure. Please visit: and for a variety of useful resources including:

  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • Information leaflets and step by step guides on how to measure your blood pressure
  • Home monitoring diaries in both printable and electronic formats
  • The blood pressure targets that you should be aiming for based on your medical conditions.
  • Recommended home blood pressure monitoring machines

How do I submit my home blood pressure readings?

Your home blood pressure readings can be submitted to the surgery by:

What should I do if I am unable to purchase or use a blood pressure machine or cannot access the articles listed above?

Please contact our reception team and we will do our best to assist you.