Annual Health Reviews

The surgery is starting a new procedure of annual reviews for patients who are identified as having one or more chronic illness which should be monitored at least once a year. 

From April 2021, the practice team has decided to do these reviews during your birthday month 

This will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Make it more convenient for you by reducing the number of times you are asked to attend the surgery
  2. Reduce the amount of correspondence and text messages that you receive from the surgery
  3. Make it easier to remember when your reviews are due
  4. Mean that there are more appointments available for health problems that need urgent attention.

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an invitation letter or text message one month before your birthday.
  2. Once you have received your invite contact Reception to book your appointment after 3pm in the afternoon.
  3. If you are not sure which reviews you need, then please contact our Reception who will able to advise you.
  4. If you need to be booked into blood tests prior to your review this will be arranged when you contact Reception


Do I still need an appointment if I have only just had my annual review?

As we are introducing this system in the middle of the year (for us the year runs from April to March) during the first year of the new system you may be called in sooner or later than you were expecting but it is essential that you book your appointment when called. 

Should I still keep my annual appointment if I have had an interim review during the year or been seen for an exacerbation of my condition?

Yes, it is still important that you attend for your annual review, especially as many patients have more than one condition that needs reviewing.

What should I do if I cannot attend during my birth month?

If there is a one-off event that meant that you couldn’t attend your appointment, for example you were unwell or you forgot to book, please contact Reception and we will try to accommodate you. The following year you should still book your annual review during your birth month, even if it means that the following year your annual review is less than 12 months away.

If you have an event in your calender every year that makes it difficult to attend during your birth month, in some situations we can move the appointment to another month which will stay the same in subsequent years. This would only be done on a case by case basis and the majority of patients should be seen during their birth month. 

Can I still submit my review information online instead of attending for an appointment?

Yes, you can still submit us your details by filling in one of the forms on our website. Please follow the link to access these pages. Please note that you may have some long term conditions for which there isn’t an online form available, an example of this includes diabetes reviews. In this case you would still need an annual review.

What do I do if you don’t have any available blood test slots at the surgery?

You can also book blood tests at either Warwick, Stratford, Rugby or UHCW Hospitals by using the following link:

Please note that it is essential that you bring your printed blood test form with you to hospital blood test appointments, otherwise your blood test will NOT take place.