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    Contact our doctors online


    Want advice from your doctor or have an administrative request such as a sick note or test results?

    Please wear a face mask when visiting the surgery

    To help protect patients and staff - please can all patients wear a face cover when visiting the surgery. These are widely available in supermarkets and can even be made at home

    Practice Information


    You can get help with a wide variety of clinical and administrative requests through our website without the need to call or visit the practice.

    We strongly encourage our patients to use online services where possible. This helps us to operate more efficiently and deliver a better service to our patients.


    Reviews are a way of letting your practice know how you're managing with your long-term condition, your contraception, or your medication.

    Only complete a review if you've been asked to do so by your GP practice.


    You can self-refer to a variety of health services without seeing your GP.

    To get more information, please select one of these options listed.